Why Join AAPO?

  • Membership has its privileges and our organization is only as strong as its members.
  • Active and engaged AAPO members greatly enhance (and change) the climate of the university.  
  • Your participation is key to fufilling the organization's MISSION, GOALS, and OBJECTIVES.  

Supporting AAPO ensures the continuation of programs and activities, mixers, socials and dinners, as well as professional development opportunities.  

Membership Dues 

  • Our dues are nominal compared to other institutions this size.  
  • Currently, annual membership dues are set at $35.00
  • Dues are due at the beginning of each fiscal year (TAMU fiscal year begins September 1 and ends August 31).  
  • New and returning members can join AAPO and pay their dues at any time throughout the fiscal year. 
  • Dues are tax-deductible.  
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